ул. Иволгинская, 14а к1

Timbers, Building of detached houses/summer houses, Thermal insulating materials, Interior doors and arches, Mouldings
Metal products
Building materials, Facade materials, Thermal insulating materials, Components for windows, Roof covering, Ferrous rolled metal product
Soundproof materials, Bricks, slag blocks, Building materials, Dry building mixes, Thermal insulating materials, Plasterboard, Components
Kitchen furniture, Timbers, Bricks, slag blocks, juvenile furniture, Wood processing, Building materials, Office furniture, Cabinet furniture, Dry building mixes, Windows, Furniture made to order, ferro-concrete products, Finishing materials shops, Bar, restaurant and cafe furniture, Interior doors and arches, Entrance doors, Mouldings, Floor covering, Components
Soundproof materials, Bricks, slag blocks, Window blinds, Artistic stained glass/mosaic making, Building materials, Facade materials, Windows, Thermal insulating materials, Roof covering, Sandwich panels, Waterproofing materials
Russian baths and saunas accessories, Stoves, Boiler equipment and boilers, Heating and water supply systems
Soundproof materials, Building materials, Dry building mixes, Wood laminates, fiberboard, plywood, Metal products, Thermal insulating materials
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