Жилое здание

ул. Ботаническая, 71 к5

Electric wiring equipment, Thermal insulating materials, Cable, Wire
Home textiles, bedding
Household supplies, Bench-work and assembly tool, Electric tools, Houseware
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Dry building mixes, Thermal insulating materials, Roof covering, Mouldings
Protective clothing and personal safety equipmet
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Fishing goods, Tourism and recreation equipment, Yachts, boats
Fixing and fastening goods, Dry building mixes, Wood laminates, fiberboard, plywood, Thermal insulating materials, Plasterboard, Components
Installation of heating and water supply systems, Boiler equipment and boilers, Bearings, Heating and water supply systems, Ferrous rolled metal product, Heat Ventilation equipment
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Electric tools, Fixing and fastening goods, Roofing works, Thermal insulating materials, Roof covering
Tyre change
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